For many years now, Riva del Garda Fierecongressi has been committed to pursuing sustainable development objectives and to acting with care and consideration for the environmental, social and economic impact of its actions. The results of this path have been collected in the new Sustainability Report 2021/2022.

With its colors, flavours, mixes and aftertastes mixology is recently being felt as an intriguing art, which has already fascinated thousands of bartenders

Riva Pianeta Mixology, RPM in one word is the Hospitality event specially dedicated to this sector.

The leading manufacturers of grappa and other spirits are here gathered to spread the "3 topics of drinking culture": drink less, drink better, drink mixed.

And there is more to RPM's exhibition as Hospitality offers professionals the opportunity to meet the most eclectic and talented mixology ambassadors through their high-level masterclasses. A training opportunity for      enthusiasts and experts on trends, tools and high-quality raw materials, which are key for the preparation of cocktails with unique and unparalleled flavors and aftertastes.


stand of 9 m²  

  • Dividing walls 
  • carpet
  • one table
  • two seats
  • electrical socket 3 Kw
  • graphics with the company name
  • two desk
  • two bottle racks

Are you interested in becoming an exhibitor at RPM - Riva Planet Mixology?