Riva del Garda is a small picturesque town situated on the northern shore of the Lake Garda, Italy’s largest lake.

The town is surrounded by mountains, whose slopes blend into the blue water of the Lake. The atmosphere you breathe there is typically Mediterranean. Riva del Garda boasts a very interesting history and offers the visitors a wide range of attractions: culture, art, sport, nature and first-class facilities and accommodation. Delicious typical products can be tasted in characteristic restaurants.

Lake Garda, the largest Italian lake, is divided into three regions belonging to three different provinces: the south east belongs to the province of Verona, the south west area belongs to the province of Brescia and the north area belongs to the province of Trento. The latter is also known as Garda Trentino.  

The area Garda Trentino

Garda Trentino refers to the north part of Lake Garda which includes the towns of Riva del Garda, Torbole, Arco, Nago, Tenno, Dro and Drena. It is the first region with a   Mediterranean climate that visitors to Europe will come across on their way south. The north part of Lake Garda is the perfect setting for holidays, where it is easy to relax and   have fun at the same time: sailing and windsurfing, mountain biking, trekking, nordic walking, free climbing and canyoning are just some of the sports you can enjoy there. 

As you   travel through the area you will come across ancient castles, medieval villages and natural landscapes, where the flavours of the food, wine and olive oil are still genuine.  
From   4-star hotels to bed and breakfasts, from holiday apartments to campsites and even agriturs, you will find the right holiday accommodation for you - there is something to suit   everyone. Qualified operators in the outdoor activity sector will ensure that you get a made to measure service: courses to learn the various activities, guided excursions with   qualified instructors, and hire of innovative equipment. 

The territory

Riva del Garda, a town of around 16,500 inhabitants and twinned with Bensheim, is situated in the north east part of the largest of the Italian lakes, Lake Garda. Historically   named "Ripa," in Roman times, it offers a wealth of historical evidence of its past. It is the ultimate tourist destination for many Germans and is the ideal place for an "activity   holiday," where sailing sports take pride of place. In fact, the Garda Trentino area is the ideal place for outdoor sports.

Arco (17,000 inhabitants) is renowned for having been   the residence of the Hapsburg family at the time of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, as well as being an excellent climactic cure centre. Today it is the domain of climbing and   Rock Master, an international competition which was established twenty years ago.

The towns of Nago and Torbole are just two kilometres apart but share the same town coat of arms.   Nago boasts an ancient fortress which dominates the entire plain, while Torbole is the international home of windsurfing.