Where the hotel and accommodation industry meets Universal Design.

The hospitality industry is one made up of people, for all people. Accessible Hospitality means developing a tourism offer that focuses on customers’ – all customers – well-being and total satisfaction in every accommodation facility.

Offering sustainable, inclusive and high-quality experiences that, through universal design, address disabilities and meet the needs of all, poses both a challenge and a mission for hospitality operators everywhere, from hotels to camping sites or restaurants.

A few figures

127 mln


accessible tourism is an unexplored market



for accommodation facilities that have invested in accessibility



related to accessibility


Inclusive design leads to quality solutions for all, creating a competitive advantage in the medium to long term for the hospitality and catering sector.

The market potential is clear: according to WHO data, 15% of the world’s population has some form of disability creating accessibility needs, making this marketing a genuine opportunity for the business growth and development of accommodation facilities.

The project FOR ALL

The growing commitment to all-round accessible hospitality is supported by the long-term agreement between Hospitality. Village for All – V4A and Lombardini22 cresce l’impegno verso un’ospitalità accessibile a 360 gradi.

The FOR ALL space has been developed in Hall D, demonstrating how inclusive design leads to quality solutions for all, creating a competitive advantage in the medium to long term

FOR ALL offers all HoReCa professionals a series of interactive and immersive pathways providing physical examples of inclusive design, as well as ad hoc training activities to transform accessible tourism needs into feasible and manageable projects for operators in developing their businesses.

The 2024 edition will focus on the reception area. “The Reception Area for All” combines neuroscience and architecture to recreate the check-in and check-out experience: three reception areas designed to showcase different solutions, invite guests to try the experience for themselves and illustrate the various accessibility needs of people with visual, physical-motor and auditory-sensory disabilities, enabling participants to see darkness, move space and listen to silence. All this with the aim of improving not only guests’ first impression of the facility but also their well-being, while at the same time reducing their stress levels in this specific area.


The Visual Disabilities room


The Motor Disabilities room


The Hearing Disabilities room

Universal design

for all

Universal Design is defined as design for human diversity, social inclusion and equality. It aims to create environments, products and services that can be accessed, used and enjoyed by all people, regardless of their skills, age, abilities or physical, sensory and cognitive conditions. Even in the hotel and accommodation industry.