Beverage is the exclusive showcase that Hospitality reserves for roasters, wineries, distilleries, water companies, beer and infusions that are renowned and appreciated both at national and international level.

Two exhibition areas provide a comprehensive overview of the world of beverages, one of the leading sectors of the world economy.

The selected offer of Beverage enhances companies that make innovation, research, experimentation and attention to the environment the keys to their success, which is reflected every day in the best of Italian catering.

Beverage - "The unique taste of quality raw materials"

Wines, beers, coffees, teas, infusions, mineral waters, fruit juices, soft drinks, industrial beers, craft beers, spirits and liqueurs.

Are you interested in becoming a Beverage exhibitor?


Hospitality is a trend laboratory for the entire HO.RE.CA. industry. Do you know Solobirra, RPM - Riva Pianeta Mixology? Three events in one, to tell the main trends of the beverage world: craft beer, mixology and  wine hospitality. 

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