EVOLVE is the information campaign that brings together the Anti-COVID measures and protocols adopted by Riva del Garda Fierecongressi to guarantee the safety and protect the health of all its stakeholders during Hospitality-Il Salone  dell'Accoglienza  and the other fair and congress events included in its calendar

Even this special edition of the exhibition will continue to offer ‘Solobirra’ contests, the area of the Hospitality exhibition that is dedicated to the Brewery sector

Designed to give due recognition to flavour as well the creativity of labels and packaging for artisan beers, the contests opened in 2022 will be three:

The Solobirra contests offer an important opportunity for networking and comparison for all those working in the sector, as the 2021 figures can confirm:

  • 244 artisan beers competing in Solobirra
  • 104 labels signed up for Best Label
  • 6 packagings that challenged each other 

2021 Contest Prize-giving

The prize-giving ceremony for the Solobirra 2021 contest took place in “phygital” mode during the afternoon of May 12th 2021. 

Presenting the event, bringing life to the stage of the Garda Hall at the Riva del Garda Congress Centre will be the Guru of the brewery sector, Lorenzo Dabove (stage name Kuaska) and the radio presenter Lorenzo Dardano.

Which prizes were awarded?

For Solobirra:

First, second and third prize and a ‘Best Beer’ mention

For Best Packaging: 

First prize and ‘Best Coordinated Packaging’ mention

For Best Label:

First, second and third prize and a mention for ‘Millennials,’ ‘Brand Identity,’ ‘Graphic Research & Composition,’ ‘Originality,’ ’Logo & Naming,’ ‘Illustration’ and ‘Best Printing.’

Discover the winners of Solobirra contests in 2021:

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