Even this special edition of the exhibition will continue to offer ‘Solobirra’ contests, the area of the Hospitality exhibition that is dedicated to the Brewery sector

Designed to give due recognition to flavour as well the creativity for artisan beers, the contests opened in 2023 will be two:

  • Solobirra 2023, aimed at the best artisan beers for their organoleptic and taste properties.

  • Best Label 2023, graphics competition that recognises originality and the communicative value of the label. The applications will open in September.

      Best Label 2023 Applications      

You can apply with your craft beers by 18 December 2022. Entries after December 18, will not be considered valid for the purposes of the competition.

The Solobirra contests offer an important opportunity for networking and comparison for all those working in the sector, as the 2022 figures can confirm:

  • 250 artisan beers competing in Solobirra
  • 50 labels signed up for Best Label
  • 10 packagings that challenged each other 

Discover the winners of Solobirra contests in 2022:

Solobirra Contest Winners 2022     Best Label Contest Winners 2022               Best Pack Contest Winners 2022