Ticket price

Daily ticket purchased on site € 30.00
Daily ticket purchased online € 25.00
Ticket valid for 2 days purchased online € 40.00
Ticket valid for 3 days purchased online € 60.00
Ticket valid for 4 days purchased online € 80.00
Reduced price ticket: € 25.00 for senior visitors (age 75 and up)
Reduced price ticket: € 25.00 for accompanied children with age between 12 - 17 years
Free for children up to 11 years

The ticket is valid for one entry per day.

Hospitality Academy training seminars included in the entrance.  
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How to purchase your entrance ticket

Tickets can be purchased online on the website homepage or directly at the fair.

Take advantage of the online ticket sales service at reduced prices, get the ticket directly in your e-mail account with no registration formalities at the fair and skip the queue!

Facilities for people with disabilities

A free ticket is provided if the visitor with a disability has documentation certifying one of the following requirements:

  • Person with 100% inability
  • Victims of labour accidents with a degree of inability between 80 and 100% (equivalent to 100% disability) 
  • Duty disabled person belonging to the “Category 1” (equivalent to 100% disability) 
  • Blind person or partially blind with vision capacity up to 1/10 in both eyes with possible correction 
  • Deaf person. 

Accompaniment: Only where indicated by the legal documentation and in those cases in which a free ticket is granted to the disabled person with invalidity degree from 80% to 100% (see above) free admission will be granted to accompanying    persons.

Press Accreditation 

If you are a professional journalist, you can register online by clicking here