EVOLVE is the information campaign that brings together the Anti-COVID measures and protocols adopted by Riva del Garda Fierecongressi to guarantee the safety and protect the health of all its stakeholders during Hospitality-Il Salone  dell'Accoglienza  and the other fair and congress events included in its calendar

Physically taking part in the next edition of Hospitality | Il Salone dell'Accoglienza is a concrete opportunity for the hospitality industry to re-start, in a way that must be totally safe from the start to the finish.



It isn’t easy to keep track of all the various rules and regulations that keep on changing and to be sure that you have all the necessary documentation to be able to set off calmly for Italy by plane, train or automobile!

Before starting your journey, the Hospitality team advises you to:

1. Check the entry requirements to/from Italy on the portal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.


2. Take a look at the practical guide that we have prepared for you and which we constantly update to help you stay abreast of the entry/exit requirements from your country for work purposes.



3. Get a reinforced green certificate / super green pass to be able to access the Riva del Garda Exhibition Centre before, during and after the event. This document is mandatory for all - exhibitors, visitors, fitters, but also suppliers and staff of the fair -.


4. Contact ‘ONTHEGO’, our travel agency, to plan your risk-free business trip to Riva del Garda: from hotels to airport transfers, local transfers, vehicle hire and location choices.



Being present in a place where crowding naturally occurs -such as a trade fair- at a time like this, isn’t easy. For this reason, our team is committed to respecting and ensuring respect of the company’s structured protocol of containment measures, based on the guidelines provided by national and international trade associations.

Evolve’ is a campaign produced by the company that organises Hospitality to effectively communicate the rules that make up this protocol.


All your safety in one video:



Is it possible to buy face masks and disinfectant at the exhibition centre?

Access to the exhibition centre will only be permitted to those wearing a FFP2mask (medical quality of no less than class 1, not community masks) which must be worn correctly. Our staff on site will provide a suitable mask for those who do not    have one.

Where can I sanitize my hands?

Disinfectant gel will be available throughout the exhibition centre and every single stand will have a dispenser.

How will social distancing be controlled?

At the current time, Italian law requires social distancing of at least 1 meter between two people, both of whom are correctly wearing a mask. Compliance with the law in the communal areas is the responsibility of the organiser and inside the stands    is the responsibility of the exhibitor(s). Official inspections may take place at any time.

Who will manage any persons displaying symptoms?

An on site qualified medical team will take of and manage the health protocols concerning any person displaying symptoms, ensuring prompt and sensitive attention and privacy.

What will happen if somebody displays symptoms during the fair (including set-up and breakdown)?

Anybody who develops symptoms during the event may go, at any time and free of charge, to the medical centre in Hall B2. The organiser has devised a protocol which will be activated in the event of a presumed or confirmed Covid-19 diagnosis which    will be explained to the interested party by the medical staff at the centre.

What are the minimum distances to be observed on the stands?

The same security measures regarding social distancing are to be applied within the stands. It is therefore vital to ascertain that any persons physically present on the same exhibition area are able to maintain a minimum distance of 1 meter from    each other.

How will the general cleaning service be managed at the Exhibition Centre?

The entire exhibition centre will be cleaned and disinfected periodically. Special attention will be paid to those areas that are most commonly used by participants (door handles, toilets, etc.) The cleaning team will be on hand for the entire duration    of the event to ensure frequent disinfecting of all areas within the exhibition centre.


What are the requirements for accessing the triage/check-in area at the exhibition centre?

Access to the triage area of the exhibition centre will only be granted to people demonstrating good health (with no relevant signs or symptoms of ill health such as a cold, fever, loss of taste, general discomfort, etc.) who are correctly wearing    the appropriate PPE. The organiser undertakes to inform all clients about these two fundamental points regarding Covid-19 containment protocol at the registration/ticket request phase and via special informative panels positioned on all   relative  walls of the exhibition centre.

Access to the Exhibition Centre is available to all participants (exhibitors, visitors, suppliers & staff) only and exclusively to those in possession of the Super Green Pass. Further information regarding how to apply for this document can be foundhere.

Which triage procedures will be applied at the entrance to the exhibition centre? 

Our safe fair concept has been developed in close coordination with the authorities and is subject to continuous review and adaptation to the current regulatory legal framework and applicable requirements. The organiser will take into consideration    all precautionary measures during the event that are deemed relevant by the competent health authorities in accordance with the Coronavirus protection ordinance. This may also include checking body temperature and vaccination cards or current    test results. The need for these measures will be assessed on an ongoing basis prior to the event and adopted accordingly.

Is the number of people admitted into the exhibition centre and halls limited?

The number of people admitted to the exhibition centre is regulated and accounted for in accordance with the ordinance on the containment of Coronavirus within trade fairs issued by AEFI (Association of Italian Fairs) and available via this link.    Access to all exhibition spaces is not limited, but monitored directly on site.


What should be taken into account during the assembly and disassembly phases?

The general measures in force during the set-up and dismantling phases are the same as those in force during the days of the event:

- obligatory registration before entering the premises

- monitoring of the number of people admitted

- obligation to wear PPE and hand sanitation

The organiser reserves the right to carry out random checks with respect to the correct use of personal protective equipment and compliance with the basic indications included in its virus containment protocol.

Are there any special indications regarding the layout and structure of the stand?

There are no minimum limits regarding the size of the stand, but there is an obligation for an entrance and exit of at least 2 meters in width, in the event that it is not possible to guarantee the availability of a differentiated entrance and exit.    It is not allowed for the stand to have a top panel or cover.

Are plexiglass panels necessary at the stand’s information desk?

The installation of plexiglass panels is recommended and especially suggested if it is not possible to guarantee the minimum distance of 1 meter between customers/visitors and the stand’s information desk.


Do exhibitors have to ensure traceability within their stand?

Exhibitors are responsible for the traceability of the people present in their stands. The registration of visitors to the exhibition stands is mandatory by law. For its part, the organiser guarantees the traceability of anyone entering the exhibition  centre.

How many people can be admitted on each stand?

The maximum number of people allowed is gauged at 1 person for every 4 square meters of exhibition space.

Are there any guidelines regarding the sanitation of the materials on display (samples, etc.)?

Within the exhibition centre, the same rules apply as for commercial establishments in Italy:

- regular sanitization of surfaces with suitable products

- continuous sanitization of the tables and chairs where visitors are welcomed

- availability of hand sanitizing gel (the fair supplies only one 500ml pack to each stand)

Can exhibitors set up brochure holders at their stands which visitors can use?

Legislation states that information material is managed via self-service with the installation, near the distribution point, of a sanitising liquid dispenser for hand sanitisation before each collection.

Is it still possible to exchange business cards?

As an alternative to the manual exchange and resulting physical contact of paper business cards, the organiser recommends using the fair’s new digital platform to collect and cross-reference contact information through barcode reader technology..

Do face masks have to be worn even inside the stands?

The use of PPE and especially of FFP2 masks is mandatory in every single area of the exhibition centre.


Will there be a cloakroom at the entrance?

Yes. The cloakroom is situated in the main entrance hall of the exhibition centre and will be managed according to the current legislative framework. It is obligatory to individually bag the items left in custody by exhibitors and visitors.

Are contactless payments accepted everywhere within the exhibition centre?

Contactless payments are accepted at all the cash desks and all the catering areas within the exhibition centre.

How is catering managed at the fair?

The organiser will manage the catering service through dedicated corners offering the distribution of food in single-portion packs.

How can food and drinks be distributed on the stands?

Snacks, food of any kind and drinks must be offered in sealed single portions and cannot be shared except where permitted by law (i.e. those cohabiting or belonging to the same family unit). Even if the snacks are packaged, self-service (e.g.    from a bowl containing several packs) is not allowed. Exhibitors are allowed to prepare food for their guests in the kitchen of the stand as long as all regulatory requirements relating to the catering sector are met and no catering   services  outside the fair are involved.