In February 2021, Hospitality Digital Space took place online, a special edition of the exhibition which was all about training and updates for the world of Ho.Re.Ca.

This dynamic, virtual space kicked off a process of general digitalisation for the event, a tangible sign of the commitment undertaken by Hospitality to enhance, facilitate and modernise its relationship more and more with the    national and international hospitality community.


What is Hospitality Digital Space?

  • a programme of over 80 free training events for the world of hospitality
  • a virtual Expo Area in which to network with companies specialised in Ho.Re.Ca. products and services.
  • talk shows and the experiences of opinion leaders, testimonials and guests from the world of  Ho.Re.Ca.
  • free events regarding hotel management, design, disinfection, food & beverages, equipment, contract, wellness, sustainability, technology, mixology, brewing trends and much more
  • two days of Onspitality workshops - to train Hospitality Digital Marketing Managers (limited numbers only, registration now closed)
  • an interactive calendar to enable easy management of appointments and chats with all registered companies and visitors


Register to relive Hospitality Digital Space.

Register for Hospitality Digital Space. It’s easy and it’s FREE! Registration will remain active up to and including January 30th, 2022.

Relive the 80 events in the February 1-4 programme whenever and wherever you want and don’t miss the chance to gain unlimited access to all the recordings in the programme. 


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Discover the Expo Area companies.


What is Live Space?

It is the main virtual space of Hospitality Digital Space. Designed to offer a complete overview of the world of Ho.Re.Ca., Live Space reads into the most inedited current and behind-the-scenes situations of the hospitality and catering  sectors, interpreting them  through testimonials and successful case studies.

This hub of experiences, discussions and debates on beverages, technology, marketing and innovation trends, has featured some of the most influential industry opinion leaders, thanks to the skills offered by the moderators: Alberto  Mattiello (technology expert), Maurizio Maestrelli (journalist and writer) and Peppone Calabrese (TV presenter).

In conjunction with: Teamwork Rimini, tt consulting, the Pollenzo University of Gastronomic Science, REbuild Italy and the Italian Cooks’ Association. 


What is the Academy Lab?

The Academy Lab is the virtual space that transforms the entire Hospitality Academy offer into digital. It is Hospitality’s platform dedicated to training and was created in conjunction with the hotel consultancy company, Teamwork Rimini.

48 virtual classrooms aiming to keep companies and industry professionals up-to-date, with dozens of tutors and industry experts who illustrated ideas, new concepts and experiences, supported by practical examples and interactive  presentations about the world of hospitality.

Topics: Design, Human Resources, Green Living, Trends, Catering, Revenue, Housekeeping & Communication.


What is Onspitality?

It is a specialised pay to play* programme to train and update the Hospitality Digital Managers of the future.

Two days of digital workshops for Ho.Re.Ca. created in conjunction with Studio Maresca and the On The Go events factory.


*The Onspitality recordings are available on demand until January 30th, 2022 on Hospitality Digital Space, but only for those who registered before January 28th 2021.