Luxury travel: premium experiences in the quest for comfort and quality

Monday, September 20, 2021

The travel industry is witnessing a growth in desire and demand for a variety of forms of luxury travel experiences. These range from travelling aboard private jets to dream destinations to discovering exclusive itineraries right on our own doorsteps. And there is increased interest in premium and personalised services, as well as the option of sharing the travel experience to be able to enjoy luxury at a lower price, on yachts, planes and trains - preferably furnished in retro style and with a relaxing atmosphere. Innovative, authentic and quality experiences, the characteristics of 'big spenders,' are now sought after by those who have no intention of giving up top quality service, safety and comfort, to pamper themselves after this long period of restrictions. This is also confirmed by the results of a survey carried out by the Mastercard Economics Institute: many people are willing to spend more, just to be sure that they will enjoy a different type of holiday, perhaps helped by having saved money in 2020, given that travel was virtually impossible.

Travellers are therefore ready to indulge in their desire for luxury holidays, but what are the travel industry offers capable of capturing their attention?


Attention to comfort during the trip remains a priority along with attention to details in every aspect. These are essential elements for the high-budget traveller who expects to experience the feeling of a top experience to the full. Spas and wellness treatments are, for example, becoming increasingly common on planes, trains and yachts, where the aim is to create a relaxing environment surrounded by luxury furnishings. These are environments where there is a tendency towards a nostalgic retro style of furniture, enhanced by clever lighting designed to give an unforgettable touch of charm in small but fabulous spaces.

The technological progress underway also allows us to explore the comforts of the future: how nice would it be to choose any place in the world and know you can easily reach it in the blink of an eye? And this is not mere fantasy, but a bold, concrete objective already in the making by Boom Supersonic, an American start-up company which, supported by United Airlines, is currently designing a fleet of supersonic jets which will be ready for take-off by 2030, able to accommodate up to 88 passengers in Business Class and cutting the travel time in half. NASA and Lockheed Martin are also working on a model that would make supersonic flight speeds possible and which they intend to launch in 2024.


United Airlines has also announced that in the near future they will be concentrating on the extension of premium travel experiences to include all their customers. Planes will be adapted to optimise space, seats will be equipped with new screens and WiFi access will be enhanced.  This trend is likely to extend to other airlines, looking to offer a wider choice of premium services to their passengers.  

Less stress, more simplicity is at the heart of this idea from the travel industry, which aims to guarantee an increasingly attentive service for travellers willing to spend more on comfort and quality. Therefore, there is no shortage of all-inclusive offers, featuring a broad range of concierge services. The “Private Suite” at the Los Angeles international airport is, for example, an exclusive gate providing a totally private, stress-free pre-flight experience and the chance to go through private security checks, enjoy personal transfers with a driver, request baggage handling and even carry out a Covid test on site. Similarly, the United Airlines Polaris Lounge offers its guests private rooms where they can rest before their flight.

The sharing economy is another travel model what is conquering the luxury segment and which is constantly adding to its list of exclusive ideas. Indeed, it is now possible for travellers to save money whilst fulfilling their most extravagant wishes by sharing goods and services, thus ensuring more luxury, more premium accommodation and more private transport.

Therefore, offering unique products and services thanks also to collaboration with airlines and established companies in the luxury hospitality sector, intercepting the needs of travellers and paying attention to their well-being and privacy during the journey and upgrading the travel experience with special concierge services are some of the strategies that might provide useful tips for coming up with exclusive packages, with which tour operators and travel agencies might capture the attention of potential clients interested in this trend.